State of Affairs

IEA-PDX is the Portland, Oregon chapter of International Encaustic Artists. We are artists who use encaustic (beeswax) in our artwork. To learn more about IEA, go to http://www.international-encaustic-artists.org. Join IEA and, if you are in the Portland area, join our group! All IEA-PDX members must be members of the mother organization (IEA) to participate in workshops, exhibits and meetings, as we are a certified chapter of IEA.

Current Members (alpha): Robyn Anderson (VP); Serena Barton; Bridget Benton; Betsy Bustamonte; Kindra Crick; Dawn-Starr Crowther; Dianne Jean Erickson; Chantel Greene; Claudia Hollister; Erika James; Sue Jensen; Karl Kaiser; Manuela Kalestiantz, (President,) Carol Loomis; Anne Mavor; Vicki Moser; Pam Nichols; Pamela Palmer; Virginia Parks; Linda Robertson; Amy Royce; Ruth Ann Skodacek; Karen Story; Kelly Williams; Judy Wise; Elina Zebbergs; Zoe West.


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